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Listing on HelpFinder

List on HelpFinder

Beat have curated a directory of UK eating disorder services since shortly after the organisation was founded in 1989. After our re-branding as HelpFinder in 2007, we've moved from strength to strength, and currently the most effective way to promote eating disorder services. 

Build a web presence

Last year over 60,000 people visited HelpFinder, viewing over 320,000 pages, making HelpFinder the most popular eating disorder directory in Europe. Listing on HelpFinder is the best way to boost your referrals.

Being associated with the Beat brand is a great way to authenticate your web presence - we've been fighting to beat eating disorders for over 25 years, and are the largest charity in the UK offering help to eating disorder sufferers and their carers.

Find service users relevant to you

Other online directories attract users who aren't usually looking for specific eating disorder help. The HelpFinder team is devoted to connecting sufferers and recoverers with services that can help them. You can be certain that you won't be buried under the results of non-relevant services.

Great news. It is now free to list your service on the HelpFinder site!

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